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Galant Glass
Galant Glass
Galant Glass

Galant Glass

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For your consideration Man Mode presents the Galant Glass.
A similar design to the Wisdom of Wood Edition One, but formed from Plexi-glass. An awesome material consisting of Acrylic plastic sheets with 17 times the impact strength of glass. So you have all the aesthetic benefits of glass and none of the risks. You, your guests or kids could pull or trip on headphone cables and the stand won't shatter. You also have the transparent effect which in low light has the floating look, which isn't truly appreciated until its seen for itself. Loving aside, It also performs its main objectives of allowing your headphones to sit comfortably away from interferences that scratch, scuff, wear and dull your wearable amplification devices.

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Product Info

Type: Single Purpose
Material: Plexi-Glass
Size: 13cm x 6.5cm x 22cm